We seek motivated and dedicated grad/undergrad students

Our synthetic coordination/organometallic chemistry aims to promote the development of science-based innovation, by expanding bio-inorganic chemistry and transition-metal cluster chemistry. With our studies, we expect probing questions on the unique functions of cluster active sites of enzymes, extracting key factors for enzymatic functions, and discovering new reaction patterns and phenomena. We also develop new class of molecular catalysts by considering possible interfaces between biological and industrial catalysts. The apparent importance of energy conversion is ever-growing, and therefore new catalytic methodologies based on new classes of compounds are needed. We seek ambitious young people to challenge this objective together!!

Don’t hesitate to contact Prof. Ohki for opportunities and more info.

Admission to graduate study
(Detailed info is available from here)
An entrance exam is needed. International students are asked to take the February exam in English (application deadline in December, exam in February).
The exam consists of Chemistry tests covering Org.Chem. Inorg.Chem. Anal.Chem. Phys.Chem., plus an English test and a short interview. Candidates with interest in our study need to consult us a long time in advance, as preparation of the necessary documents takes time.